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 Take the Express way!

Our Mission



The Mission of Express Transport Services is to demonstrate integrity through our actions and to provide value through our service.

About Us
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Express Transport Services was started in 2006 to bring increased integrity and value to the logistics process. Express Transport is a company to be proud of.  Our staff of transportation experts is the reason.  Each member of the Express Transport Team has years of training and experience to draw upon.  By putting us in the driver’s seat, you can relax while we navigate the sometimes tricky roads in the shipping process.

Our Services
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At Express, we work behind the scenes to seamlessly manage your shipping needs.  We specialize in in arranging off-site distribution of goods for companies, large or small, across the Americas and beyond.  Whether over the road, or by rail or boat, we can provide you with the care free freight management you should expect from your transportation provider.  This coupled with our high level of business integrity will insure a value in service many have already come to appreciate.

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