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​Express Transport offers shippers a wide range of customized transportation, logistics and supply chain management solutions. Our relationships with our carriers means more equipment options and greater flexibility to bring your freight to market. Our non-asset-based approach allows us to change with market conditions. That means our customer service representatives are free to evaluate your requirements, including service and cost expectations, then suggest the best options to assist in achieving your objectives. Since we don't rely on a single carrier, we have great flexibility when solving freight problems. Express Transport's industry expertise makes it possible to track trends and foresee when capacity will be a problem.

Big truck with a low platform trailer ca
Oversize trailer with big metal

Large or small, every delivery is a special delivery.

At Express Transport we are responsive to your requests and needs from the moment we shake hands or talk on the phone. You can count on Express Transport to:

  • Find suitable trucks with proper equipment to move your load

  • Verify adequate coverage

  • Ensure each truck is in compliance with the governing agencies

  • Track the load from pick-up point all the way to the destination. 

Our expanded computer technology and dedicated customer service department allows us tot keep an eye on your shipment at every turn. Just call your personal representative at Express Transport. They can tell you exactly what you what to know!

Truckload Services 

  • Flat and Stepdeck

  • Doubledrop and RGN

  • Van

  • Reefer and Temperature Control shipments

  • Over dimensional

  • JIT (Just in Time-Pick Ups and Deliveries)

  • Heavy Haul

  • Containers


Less than truck load

  • Van LTL

  • Flat LTL

  • Step Deck


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